AFTER EFFECTS - as adults

  ☹ As a child: hiding, hanging on, cowering in corners, piling   
     things around themselves on bed...(security seeking)
  ☹ As adults: fearful of being seen, noticed, watched
  ☹ Blocking out all memory of ages 1-12
  ☹ Crying for no overt reason;  feelings easily hurt 
  ☹ Depression, sometimes paralyzing
  ☹ Failure to notice body signals (pain, hunger, tiredness...)
  ☹ Fear of being alone in the dark, of sleeping alone
  ☹ Feel dirty, bad seed, ‘marked for life’, guilty, ashamed 
     OR opposite - superior, untouchable, ‘special’
  ☹ Need to be invisible, perfect OR perfectly bad
  ☹ Nightmares, night terrors (threatened, pursued...)
  ☹ Not at home in ones body - disconnected

  ☹ Abuse many substances, have several addictions OR total ‘puritan’
  ☹ Addicted to any form of excitement (adrenalin junky) 
  ☹ Constant high risk-taking OR taking no risks at all
  ☹ Emotionally shut down (go into shock) in any time of stress
  ☹ Live life as victim; also hurt self anytime they get victimized
  ☹ May become a religious fanatic OR atheist
  ☹ No sense of personal power, no right to set limits or to say NO
  ☹ Self-destructive, self-abuse, allow others to harm them
  ☹ Self-mutilation, cutting, self-carving (pain feels manageable)
  ☹ Sexually promiscuous OR sexually anorectic
  ☹ Trust Issues, trust no one OR too trusting, indiscriminately

  ☹ Compulsive behavior
  ☹ Don’t take care of self
  ☹ Fear of losing control
  ☹ Feel crazy, different
  ☹ Hysterical symptoms
  ☹ Obsessive-compulsive
  ☹ Often in crisis situations
  ☹ Paranoia
  ☹ Rigid control of thoughts
  ☹ Splitting
  ☹ Various phobias
  ☹ Weak or no boundaries


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Adult-Children of alcoholics & other narcissists

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