psychotherapist in private 

  practice for 23 yrs

  in New York City,

  specializing in



  She works with individuals

  & couples/partners,

  in person and by phone.

     FREE Intro Session.


  She has appeared on radio, 

  television & at New Life Expo,  

  created & presented ACoA / 

  AlAnon intensive weekend 

  workshops & ran an ACoA 

  therapy group for 6 years.


  She was an instructor at the

  NY OPEN CENTER  for 9 yrs,  

  presenting her 12-week  

  interactive lecture course


         What makes an ACoA” 

  which is now available  in

  other locations.   

  1. I can more quickly leave abusive relationships, because I deserve to

   be treated with respect.

  1. I have boundaries with family & friends. I  know I can’t rescue them

   or be a therapist in relationships.

  1. I’ve learned the difference between co-dependent need & real companionship.

  2. I finally see that I can’t get my needs met by my most of my family.

  3. I used to think the Inner Child was a corny idea, then I learned that I was being run by my traumatic childhood experiences - ie. my Inner Child.

  4. Now I’m building a Healthy Adult &

  Loving Parent, so I can take care of

  myself & not rely on others for that.

  Alexis, NYC 


I was lost for a long time. I had been

  in therapy several times, but always

  felt something was missing.

  I‘d learned to analyze the whys of my

  suffering & believed that insight would  

  ‘cure me’. I was baffled that it had not.

  I continued to feel worthless.


  Just when I had given up hope, I met 

  Donna.  From our 1st session I knew  

  she could help me. She said there are

  physical, spiritual & emotional  - not 

  just mental - components to my pain & 

  they’re inter-related.

  Donna has an uncanny way of explaining  

  complicated & painful issues in a way I

  can both understand and accept. I now 

  have answers and solutions I thought

  were impossible - light bulbs going off!

  These are some of the things that have 

  changed in my life as a result of my work 

  with Donna:

  1. I finally understand that being abused,

   neglected & abandoned as a kid is not 

   to be taken lightly.

  1. I know now that I’m not crazy - what was done to me - was not my fault!

  2. I’ve learned that my past is not something to just be endured forever OR something to ‘get over’ -  but that it needs to be validated & mourned.

  3. I can more easily express my thoughts & emotions without feeling ashamed or self-hating. ‘Acting out’ is not having my feelings, but a symptom of deep abandonment pain from my early life.

  4. I’ve learned to recognize who’s safe to share myself with  (& who’s not).        

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