Throughout we contrast that with what is 

  healthy & positive - how to live well!

  In logical outline form, the lecture TOPICS 

  are sequential, each building  on the ones 

  before. We will identify the most basic

  components of each, with real-life

  examples, definitions & explanations.

  Even though the classes are in lecture 

  format, there is some voluntary

  audience participation -  you are asked  

  the meaning of terms, if you know the

  difference between issues (guilt vs shame,

  anger vs rage, rescuing vs helping, etc)

  and in some classes there are brief group

  exercises to illustrate the topic. 

  However - this is NOT group therapy.


knowledge is power: what makes an Acoa

            (ACoAs = adult-children of alcoholic, abusive, abandoning, narcissistic families)


  You may have been in therapy, in 12-Step 

  Programs, taken classes,  read a lot of self-

  help & spiritual literature over the years, &

  you may know your issues, but don’t have a

  clear handle on why your life hasn’t

  changed enough.


  Or you are new to the process of Recovery. 

  Your family & / or culture may disapprove 

  of therapy,  you may have had brief or

  negative encounters with therapists, or just

  not known where to begin.  In any case, you

  may find mental health information  &

  procedures somewhat confusing,

  overwhelming, unfocused & a little scary.

  This course will clearly & simply explain

  what each of the Core Issues are for ACoAs

  (adult-children of alcoholic, abusive,

  abandoning & narcissistic families), how

  they were created in your family of origin

  & how you continue those learned patterns 

  as an adult.

          Life-Changing  12-Week    
      Interactive Lecture  Course :    

   Thorough examination of each  ACoA     
   issue,  providing a logical  foundation 
   for recovery everyone can build on
                Created & Presented by  
                   DONNA M TORBICO
COURSE OUTLINECourse_Outline.html
    Whether seeing a private therapist or not, it is recommended to
   attend one or more 12-Step programs which may apply :
     • AlAnon - for family, friends, co-workers or neighbors of alcoholics       
     • ACA     - for adult-children of dysfunction
     • CODA   - focused on co-dependence
     • DA       - for compulsive spending and debting
     • AA      - for one’s own drinking problem
     • ISA      - for survivors of incest & sexual abuse  
     • OA      - for compulsive over / under eating
     • GA      - for an form of gambling addiction   
     • SCA    - for sexual addiction                               ....& others
    Meeting lists for your area can usually be found on the internet. 
    To talk to someone - find ea. program’s Intergroup in the directory. 
    There are also PHONE and INTERNET meetings many times a day.

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Adult-Children of alcoholics & other narcissists

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