These are possible signposts of emotional & behavioral addiction re. your sexual 

    &/or romantic life  (caused by acting out of old emotional traumas).

    If you conclude there’s a problem in this area, you can find help

    from therapy.  Also, for relevant 12-Step Programs, look up

    • SLAA : Sex & Love Addicts Anonymous

    • SA : Sexaholics Anon         (also Al-Anon & CODA)

    • SCA : Sexual Compulsives Anon   ......... for in-person, online or phone meetings.



__had sex at inappropriate times & places,  &/or  
   with inappropriate people?

__had sex with someone (in the  past or present)  
   that you didn’t want to do it with? 

__ever felt you had to have sex?

__lost count of the number of partners you’ve had?

__had (or are having sex) regardless of possible   
   harmful consequences (threat of being caught, 
   risk of getting STDs, physical danger...)?

__ever threatened your financial stability or 
   standing in the community - because you  
   pursued an inappropriate sexual partner?

__ever had a serious relationship threatened or 
   ruined because of your outside sexual activity?

__ever wished you could stop/ control your sexual 
   &/or romantic life for some period of time?

__ever wished you were a less emotionally 
   dependent person?

__ever thought there might be more you could do 
   with your life if you were not so driven by your 
   sexual &/or romantic activities?

__try to control how much sex to have or how 
   often you see someone?

__find yourself unable to stop seeing a specific 
   person even though you know it’s self-

__not want anyone to know about your sexual 
   or romantic activities - hiding them from 
   friends, family, co-workers, therapists... ?

__get ‘high’ from sex &/or romance & then     
   afterwords, do you crash?

__make promises or rules for yourself about 
   sex or romance that you can’t keep?

__believe that sex &/or a relationship will 
   make your life bearable?

__believe that someone can ‘fix’ you?

__keep a list of the number of partners you’ve 

__feel desperate or uneasy when you are 
   away from your lover or sexual partner?

__feel desperate about your need for a lover, 
   sexual fix or future mate?

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