__feel that your only (or major) value in a

   relationship is your ability to perform

   sexually, or provide an emotional fix for

   your partner?

__feel like a lifeless puppet unless there’s

   someone around you can flirt with, & that 

   you’re only really alive when you’re with 

   your sex &/or love partner?

__feel entitled to have sex?

__find yourself in a relationship that you

   can’t seem to leave?

__believe the problems in your love life come

   from not having enough or the right kind of

   sex,  or because of staying with the ‘wrong’


__feel that life would have no meaning

   without a love relationship or without sex?

__feel that you’d have no identity if you were

   not someone’s lover?

__find yourself flirting or sexualizing with

   someone, even if you don’t mean to, or

   you’re not really interested in them?

__find your sexual or romantic behavior effect

   your reputation?

__find the pain increasing in your

   life, no matter what you do?

__you afraid deep down that you’re

   truly not acceptable?

__feel that you lack dignity & wholeness?


Self-Diagnostic  Questionnaire  (cont.)


__have sex &/or relationships to try to deal with

   or escape from life’s problems?

__feel uncomfortable about masturbating

   because of how often you do it, the fantasies

   you have, the props you use &/or the places

   you do it in?

__engage in voyeurism, exhibitionism, etc. in

   ways that bring you discomfort, pain & shame?

__find yourself needing greater & greater

   variety and more energy in your sexual &/or

   romantic activities just to achieve an

   ‘acceptable’ level of physical & emotional 


__need to have sex or ‘fall in love’ in order to

   feel like a ‘real man / real woman’?

__feel that your sexual & romantic behavior is

   about as rewarding as hijacking a revolving

   door - are you jaded?

__unable to concentrate on other areas of your

   life because of your thoughts & feelings about 

   another person or about having sex?

__find yourself obsessed with a specific person

   or sexual act, even though those thoughts

   bring you discomfort, craving & pain?

__feel that your life is unmanageable because of

   your sexual &/or romantic behavior, or your

   excessive dependency needs?

__have a pattern of repeating inappropriate or

   harmful relationships?

__feel that your sexual & /or romantic life

   affects your spiritual life negatively?

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