Class # 3 - BOUNDARIES  (B)

    I. Early Sources

      (B) Invasions,  (B) Blurring,  Lack of (B)

   II. Present Day Results

       Emotional, Mental, Behavioral

  III. Surviving without real (B)s

       Walls (false Bs) vs Need to Merge

  IV. Recovering from lack of (B)s

      A. Basic Information  / definitions

      B. Mourning childhood losses

      C. Healthy (B)s mean.... on  Emotional, 

          Cognitive & Behavioral levels

CLASS # 1 -- ABANDONMENT : Abuse & Neglect  (A / N)

    I.  In Childhood

        In all 4 categories -- Physical, Emotional,  Mental, Spiritual

   II. In Adulthood

    A. Running away from Old Pain (from early life)

    B. Running towards More Pain (copying old patterns)

  III. Reversing the Damage

 ‘Knowledge is PoweR’  -  Part I

CLASS # 2 -- SELF-HATE - Beating up on 

                                               oneself  (S/H)

    I. Early Sources

      A. From Outside - family, others 

      B. From Inside - shame, powerlessness,   

          humiliation, rage, emulating adults

          & ones own natural narcissism

   II. In the Present

      A. Purpose for S-H - emotional, cognitive

          & behavioral

      B. Maintaing S-H - in all 3 ways

      C. Results of S-H - to us & to others

  III. Recovering from S-H

      Al-Anon’s 3 A’s :

       ‘Awareness, Acceptance, Action’

      AND the 3 C’s : 

        ‘I didn’t Cause it, I can’t Control it,

          I can’t Cure it’

CLASS # 4 - The 3 As of AL ANON

   I. In Childhood

      Negative Awareness, Acceptance & Action

  II. In Adulthood

     A. Un-Aware, to survive the daily stress & trauma

     B. Semi-Aware - searching for answers to

        “What’s wrong with me”

     C. Early-Aware : Recover pink-cloud,  grateful 

          but overwhelmed

     D. Ongoing Process

         Stay awake, do Inventories, grow, enjoy


   I. In Childhood

      A. Neglect & abuse (not nurtured, 

          helped, protected, taught...)

      B. Over-used (be little adult, have to   

          care to others, no real freedom...)

  II. In Adulthood

      A. The unwanted  ‘monster’

      B. The accepted monster

      C. Monster into Damaged Child

      D. Damaged Child into Healthy Child


     I. In Childhood

      A. Children are very vulnerable

      B. When children are not helped  

           with normal life stressors

    II. In Adulthood

       A. Old Pain (baggage) -

           buried emotions

    + B. New Pain (garbage) - 

   ___  compulsive behaviors

   = C. CombinedCourse - Part II Pain - overloading  

  oneself, become hopeless, suicidal

  III. Recovery Pain

       A. From Inside

       B. From Family

       C. From Others

# 5b - COMFORT

     I. Negative Discomfort

    II. Negative Comfort

   III. Positive Comfort

  IV. Positive Discomfort

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Adult-Children of alcoholics & other narcissists

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