___I don’t show my anger about everything that makes me mad, but when I do - look out!
 ___I feel angry & betrayed by people whom I‘ve trusted because they’ve often let me down
 ___I still get angry when I think of the bad things people did to me in the past
 ___I sometimes lie awake obsessing about things that upset me during the day
 ___I find it hard to forgive anyone who has done me wrong
 ___I blurt out things I later regret, when I get riled up
 ___I’ve been so angry at times that later couldn’t remember what I said or did
 ___I get angry with myself when I lose control of my emotions
 ___When I get angry, hurt or frustrated, I comfort myself with food, alcohol
        or some other addiction
 ___If I get really upset about something,  I tend to feel sick later (headache, 
       upset stomach, weak spell...)
 ___I get depressed when things don’t work out the way & wanted or hoped
 ___I’m likely to take frustration so badly that I can’t put it out of my mind 
 ___I fly off the handle easily
 ___I hate myself after having an argument with someone  
 ___I often have heated arguments with those who are closest to me
 ___I hate waiting in line, of for others to be ready
 ___I’ve had trouble with jobs because of my temper
 ___People really irritate me when they don’t behave the way they should  
      OR when they act like ‘idiots’
 ___When anyone has said or done something to upset me, I usually don’t 
        say anything at the time, but later spend a lot of time thinking of 
        cutting remarks I should or could have made
 ___Some people are afraid of my bad temper
 ___When someone hurts or frustrates me, I want to get even
 ___At times I’ve felt angry enough to kill
 ___I’ve gotten so angry at times that I’ve become physically violent, 
       hitting people, throwing things, destroying property...
 ___Sometimes I feel so hurt & lonely I want to kill myself
 ___I’m a very angry person. I know I need help learning to control my 
       emotions,  because the way I express them causes problems

ANGER - Unhealthy

  • chronic depression- extended periods of 
     feeling ‘down’ for no surface reason
  • procrastinate completing self-chosen tasks
  • excessive irritability over trivia
  • over-react to perceived slights or unkindness
  • perpetual lateness
  • boredom, apathy, loss of interest in things   
      usual enjoyed
  • over-controlled monotone voice
  • Inappropriate affect (like - smiling when 
     hurting or when talking about bad things)
  • overly polite, constantly cheerful
  • have ‘grin & bear it” attitude (martyr)
  • sarcastic, flippant, cynical
  • enjoy / prefer sadistic or ironic humor
  • Chronic stiff or sore neck
  • Long-term lower back pain
  • Stomach ulcers;  colitis
  • Frequent sighing
  • Slowing down of movements 
  • Clenched jaw, especially at hight
  • Facial tics, spastic foot movement,   
       habitual fist clenching ... 
  • Trouble falling asleep, or staying 
       asleep;   frequent nightmares
  • Sleep more than usual (12 + hrs) & 
        still wake up tired
  • Get tired too easily & often;  get      
       drowsy at inappropriate times
If you answered 
• 5 to 9 Qs 
you have average to slightly high anger & could use some anger
management tips
• 10 or more Qs 
you have a serious problem, needing therapy 

• ANY of the last 4 
you have DANGEROUS anger. Need professional help immediately!

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