 ”Make no mistake about it - this woman gets  
  results!  I grew up severely abused by a psychotic 
  mother & an ineffectual father. I was totally 
  confused, in pain, unable to think clearly, to take 
  care of myself, or to work.  With Donna Torbico’s  
  help I’ve come to have self-esteem, found out I’m   
  really smart & am using my artistic talents for the 
  first time!  I highly recommend her.  She’s like a   
  hidden treasure, waiting to be discovered.”

  Beverly Kaufman -- Novelist, Comedian, Actor   
                                * * *
 "Therapy with Donna Torbico over the past two 
  years has helped me become a lot happier.  Her  
  expertise in numerology, astrology and Myers-Briggs 
  personality types has helped me find out who I am.  
  She's also hipped me to a number of professionals 
  who have been very instrumental in my healing.   
  She is a warm, funny, compassionate witness to my  

  Drew Andreotti, Musician 
                                 * * *
 “I spent the first 35 yrs of life being afraid of things 
  I couldn’t identify & running away from myself. I 
  thank my lucky star & Higher Power that I met Donna 
  Torbico & became familiar with her ‘Knowledge is 
  Power’ class.  My years of therapy with her 
  have changed my life in ways I could not have 
  imagined.  Donna’s insight & patience, her listening   
  & teaching skills - place her far above anyone I’ve 
  ever met.”

  Randolph Martin, MD - Cardiology 
                                   * * *
 “...your clarity, patience & unconditional support 
  have been an anchor to me as I walk the tumultuous 
  path to some sort of sanity & peace.   You have 
  taught me things that have changed my life ... 
  especially about my Inner Child.  I will always be 
  grateful to you.  You were born to do what you do.    
  Anyone who has the experience of working with you 
  will be truly blessed.  Thank you, Donna Torbico,  for 
  sharing your gifts, your knowledge & your time.”

  Jan Gordon, CEO -- CyberLand Int.

 “Historians indicate significant eras using  
   markers such as A.D. and B.C.  To indicate the  
  most critical turn in the events of MY life - the 
  very moment when my good fortune and positive   
  karma began - I would use the marker D.T. 
  (Donna Torbico).

  For the first 44 years of my life, I suffered and   
  struggled through life - the life of an Adult-Child 
  in the world, without recovery.  Although I had 
  been in therapy on & off, it wasn't until I took a  
  workshop with Donna that my real work of
  healing began.
  For some lucky children, the relationship they 
  engender with their healthy parents and other  
  family members provides them a clear, positive 
  map of the world. It is through steady,   
  unconditional love & moral example that these 
  children thrive and grow into secure adults,   
  capable of negotiating the stresses & joys of life.  

  I did not have that kind of beginning. Until I found 
  myself in Donna's workshop 12 years ago, I 
  believed that I had caused my mother and 
  father to neglect & abuse me, so I spent the 
  remainder of those 44 years aligning my mind 
  and behavior with their cruel messages. 

  But that was before the critical moment in 
  my life - D.T.  
  In weekly sessions with Donna, I have learned a 
  new language - the language of Recovery. I no 
  longer believe the relationship I had with my 
  family is the most valid one in my life, albeit 
  definitely the most destructive. 
  The work we have done together is nothing less  
  than a kind of transpersonal / spiritual brain and   
  heart surgery. 

  I believe that our Higher Power works through   
  great healers. By availing ourselves of their 
  wisdom we have the possibility to heal from 
  parental abuse - by retraining our thinking,
  learning to trust and love, changing our behavior   
  patterns & finding safe, healthy relationships.

  Through the sacred relationship I've had with my   
  great healer, Donna, a profound emotional & 
  spiritual path has unfolded for me.
  I am forever grateful for her teachings that have 
  created a sane, positive & useful map of the   
  world for me.” 

 L.S., Long Island, NY
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